Airlock interview on RiskyBusiness Podcast #573

This week Airlock Digital whitelisting was featured on the Risky Business podcast with Airlock Co-Founder, David Cottingham.

They make whitelisting software that’s actually useable. And until I did this interview I didn’t know that their agent actually does host hardening as well, which is pretty cool. Since we last spoke they’ve also popped up in CrowdStrike’s app store thingy, which means a bunch of you Crowdstrike customers will be able to dabble in some whitelisting if you want to.

Dave joins the show to talk about a bunch of stuff, including their experience having Silvio Cesare do a code audit on their agent.

-Patrick Gray

You can listen to this episode online here: – The interview starts at approximately 43:40 for the “whitelisting curious”.