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Australian Capital Territory

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About Us

The founders of Airlock Digital have spent years implementing application whitelisting technologies in enterprise organisations and deeply understand real-world whitelisting challenges. Airlock Digital was born out of necessity to address these challenges, as a new approach to application whitelisting was needed.

Richard Rundle, Co-Founder

Richard is an experienced executive with 20+ years of managerial and enterprise experience in the information security industry. Richard is excited to lead an Australian organisation which brings focus to solving what has been a difficult problem until now.

David Cottingham, Co-Founder

David Cottingham has first hand experience in implementing whitelisting for large federal government organisations. David designs processes for effective Application Whitelisting based on both his experience and the requirements of the ISM. David is also the author of the SANS course SEC480: Top 4 Mitigaton Strategies: Implementing & Auditing.

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