Airlock Product Demonstration

The following videos explains the benefits of Airlock and the simple steps required to implement and maintain Application Whitelisting within your organisation.

Intro – How does Airlock work? (1:30)

Airlock performs Application Whitelisting simply and securely in changing enterprise environments. This video provides an introduction to Airlock and explains how the solution works.

1. Baseline – Form the basis of an Application Whitelist (2:01)

The Baseline Builder within Airlock forms the basis of your Application Whitelist. This step is typically performed when a new operating system is deployed within your organisation.

Remember to click the Full Screen button on the video to get a better view of the product interface.

2. Discover & Audit – Observe and trust files on your endpoints (2:25)

The Discover & Audit phase within Airlock allows you to easily identify and trust files to run on your endpoints. This stage provides visibility of all file execution and activity across your environment without any ‘blocking’ (enforcement) occurring.

3. Enforcement – Proactive protection (0:45)

The Enforcement phase within Airlock prevents all files not on the Application Whitelist from loading into memory. This phase provides proactive protection against targeted cyber intrusions and other threats such as ransomware.

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