Allowlisting Simplified

Stop targeted attacks with Airlock Allowlisting and
Execution Control (formerly Application Whitelisting)

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Simple To Use

Simple To Use

Purpose built to make allowlisting achievable in complex environments.



Minimal impact on resources across Windows, Linux & macOS


Secure & Compliant

Effective endpoint security in compliance with multiple security standards


Prevention First

Define what files are trusted and block everything else

  • Proactively prevent malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks

  • Practitioner built, from real world experience

  • Allowlisting delivered as a first class feature

  • Meet and maintain compliance with regulatory standards


Workflow based allowlisting

Through first-hand understanding of the operational challenges in cybersecurity, intimate industry experience and an intuitive solution, Airlock makes allowlisting practical.

  • Discover and vet all executable code running in your environment

  • Create flexible policies with simple, repeatable, workflows

  • Harden endpoints with Airlock’s blocklisting capabilities

  • Access a searchable repository of all file metadata in your environment

Reduce your cyber risk

Implement an essential endpoint security control, recommended by Governments around the world

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Why choose Airlock Digital

Phil Kernick

Chief Technology Officer


“We engaged Airlock Digital to deploy Airlock for internal use within our corporate environment at CyberCX and got started by utilising their quick start deployment engagement. The project was completed ahead of schedule, with full enforcement achieved against the Essential Eight Level 3 maturity before the estimated project deadline. We deployed agents across the entire fleet with-in weeks of starting the engagement, and the learning and blocklist turning process was effective and progressed as planned.

As a result of the engagement, our security team at CyberCX has gained significant improvement in visibility provided by Airlock, thus giving us greater insight into exactly what is executing within our environment. Additionally, we were able to provide feedback to Airlock which has been implemented as product improvements to some of the allowlisting workflows to make the allowlisting process easier for all customers going forward in their latest release.”

Sunil Saale

Head of Cyber and Information Security 


“I evaluated Airlock Digital as part of our cybersecurity enhancement products. One of the key criteria was the ease of use and operations. Amongst the products we evaluated (including a free platform included with another enterprise software), Airlock Digital stood out due to the ease of use, out of the box value add and comprehensive feature sets including a malicious file look up which was an added bonus.

We rolled out the product in enforcement mode in ~3 months across our 2700 users with different user profiles (developers, consulting, normal users).

Support has been fantastic and very responsive. The new features released also helps our support team to assist our staff (lawyers) on or off the network to get on with their work with minimal interruptions.”

Jason Waits

Chief Information
Security Officer


"Airlock allowlisting is evidence based and a known entity which is reliable and predictable.
Airlock is an integral part of our security architecture."

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Around the Globe

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