About Airlock Digital

More about the Australian based cybersecurity company that delivers forward thinking endpoint protection solutions

Created out of necessity

Australian based cybersecurity company, Airlock Digital, delivers forward thinking endpoint protection solutions which enable organisations to implement rapid, scalable allowlisting and execution control. The founders of Airlock Digital spent years implementing application whitelisting technologies in enterprise organisations and deeply understand real-world whitelisting challenges.

Through first-hand understanding of the operational challenges in cybersecurity, intimate industry experience and an intuitive solution set, Airlock Digital is positioned as the leading commercial allowlisting vendor.

The Airlock Digital Model

Behind Airlock’s features is a set of values that fuels what we do. Our model revolves around the principle that great security software is built with integrity, intentionality, and a relentless commitment to help. Our goal is to improve our customer’s security posture by providing them with a flexible, manageable, and proactive allowlisting control platform.

The adaptable yet robust capabilities of Airlock Digital’s allowlisting software enables enterprises to adjust controls based on their needs. We aim to empower our customers to reach their ideal levels of security while providing them with support every step of the way.

Here to help

With deep understanding of cybersecurity challenges, extensive industry experience, and intuitive solutions, Airlock Digital excels in providing comprehensive assistance. Trust us to enhance your security measures and overcome any obstacles seamlessly.


Although based in Australia, Airlock operates worldwide
with staff in APAC and North America

Our Offices: 

Level 2, 136 Greenhill Road
Unley 5061, South Australia
Australia: 1300 798 925
International: +61 8 8273 3020

10440 Little Patuxent Parkway
Suite 300 Columbia, Maryland 21044
North America: +1 202 738 4003


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