Protecting our customers against ransomware is core to Airlock's mission

Traditional (reactive) security is unable to stay ahead of the thousands of variants developed each year by cyber-criminals.

Airlock’s proactive security platform is the ONLY effective protection against ransomware (i.e. Cryptolocker, Cerber and Cryptowall).

Why is Traditional Security ineffective?

Traditional security such as Anti-Virus attempts to detect patterns of code in software that has been determined as ‘bad’ by the vendor. In order to make this determination, the vendor must obtain a copy of the ‘bad’ software. Typically, by the time the vendor obtains a copy for analysis, the ransomware strain has already impacted thousands of users.

As every strain can be unique, traditional solutions are always playing catch up: “99% of malware hashes are seen for only 58 seconds or less. In fact, most malware was seen only once. This reflects how quickly hackers are modifying their code to avoid detection.”*

Recently ‘malware factories’ have been seen in the wild generating unique Cerber ransomware executables every 15 seconds. Also known as a “hash factory” attack, this generation is designed to defeat traditional security products.**

How does Airlock stop ransomware?

Airlock takes a proactive approach by treating all software as ‘bad’ unless an administrator explicitly allows it. This pro-actively prevents all ransomware variants such as Cryptolocker, Cerber and Cryptowall from encrypting files, regardless of how it is mutated or opened on a computer.

As each customer makes decisions regarding what software they trust in-house, each deployment is unique. This prevents cyber-criminals from testing their attacks before attacking their targets.              




TLDR; No tricky rules, Airlock provides the only proactive protection against ransomware.
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About Airlock Digital

Airlock Digital was founded in 2013 with one goal: Enable organisations to implement and maintain application whitelisting, simply and securely, in dynamic computing environments.

The founders of Airlock Digital have spent years implementing application whitelisting technologies in enterprise organisations and deeply understand real-world whitelisting challenges. Airlock Digital was born out of necessity to address these challenges, as a new approach to application whitelisting was needed.