Airlock's Free File to Test Trust for EDR and Application Whitelisting

David Cottingham

Airlock Releases Free Document to Test Chained Trust in EDR and Application Whitelisting Solutions

Today Airlock Digital is releasing a free Microsoft Word document to test ‘Chained Trust’ in EDR and Application Whitelisting solutions. This is where a product will trust a parent process (such as winword.exe) and automatically place trust in any spawned child processes.

Security products that are configured to use ‘Chained Trust’ may provide a reduced level of security.

This document contains Macro code, which attempts to drop either a .dll or .exe file in the document's working directory and execute it, allowing you to audit product configurations.

You can download the document here:

SHA256Sum: e39b1abff16db7a7f6d3b52e6d01d29dd423da0504358082acd1073e439c5723

Please let us know if you find this useful or have any feedback by contacting or @airlockdigital.


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